I’d love to write something more profound, but the only thing on my mind right now is the fact that I think I may have Gestational Diabetes again!  BLECHHHH!!  I warmly refer to it as the GD GD (feel free to interpret that as you wish…I typically say the “Gosh Darn Gestational Diabetes”).  Any who, this whole thing could put a serious kink in my plans to have a natural child birth.  If any of you have experienced GD or have any great low carb, high protein, high fiber recipes I’d love to know!!  


One thought on “The GD GD

  1. Dog gone it! That is just no fun. Wish you well, sweetie!!! I know you will take good care of you and your little ones!!!! Hugs and looking forward to seeing you again! (unless we are having our baby!)


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