What the weather has done

I am one of those strange people who loves precipitation.  I love rainy days (just like my momma) and always have.  Clouds?  AWESOME!  Couldn’t be happier!  But most of all, I love winter.  Seriously.  Bring on the snow, the ice, the cold.  I’ll take it!!!  Winter makes my heart happy because my second most favorite season comes right before it, and all of my beloved holidays happen in the cold weather months.  Watching snow fall outside while I’m snuggled safely inside with all of my people and fuzzy creatures around a glowing Christmas tree is probably the best visual of how winter makes me feel inside.  My husband and I are self-proclaimed Christmas FANATICS (the lights, the trees, the songs – THE SONGS, and the warm fuzzies that are all around).  We even played Christmas music in the hospital while I was giving birth to Jake last August.  AND, in a Hypnobabies class participants are instructed to imagine their “special, safe place”.  Mine just happens to be in a beautiful cabin in the middle of nowhere, decorated for Christmas, with a ginormous fireplace, and snow falling outside.  Told ya, I love winter.  It just makes me feel good, ya know?

It most likely goes without saying, then, that I am not a summer lovin’ girl.  This past summer in Indiana (where we live) was almostunbearable due to the high temps (some of the hottest ever recorded) and an intense drought.  We moved into our home in early May, and it didn’t take long before it was brown and dying. Even our salsa garden and hearty hosta plants that I was soooo excited about having faded quickly despite long nightly waterings and lots of TLC.  Since I’m a SAHM I like to get outside a little bit and explore other scenery because, let’s face it moms (or dads) who stay at home, looking at the same walls and rooms day in and day out make me want to pluck my eyeballs out!  Jake, our now 1 year old, gets antsy, too, as does our dog, Winston.  Not only that, I crave interaction with other humans, even if it is just someone waving to me from their car as they drive by Goobie and me taking a walk.  The weather was so unbearable that I didn’t even like to get in the car to go anywhere to have interaction with other humans or a change of scenery.  I was pretty much stuck inside what has lovingly become known as “THE PIT”.  The nickname, “The Pit”, is an old joke that goes back to when Wade and I moved in together, and basically he said that he was putting me in this pit and never letting me out.  It used to be funny until it became REAL.  Who’s laughing now, I wonder. . . ha.

Goobie and Grams

Jake and my momma outside of our house during the hot summer of 2012. You can see the lovely brown grass, too!

So, imagine my delight when around mid-August the weather breaks for a bit, and we have some b-e-a-utiful days!  It was especially nice to have Jake’s 1st birthday party, a fiesta themed “I am Juan year old” party, on a fantastic Saturday afternoon.  Moods around the Wingler household changed drastically with the change in the weather.  The windows opened up to let some cooler, fresher air circulate and the desires to be outside and more active opened up as well.  We were suddenly taking walks again almost every evening after dinner, and Wade had to mow our grass for the first time in at least 6 weeks.  Color began returning to the yard and our little salsa garden that we thought was a goner started taking off!  We even bought a perfect little red wagon for Jake as an early birthday present because what little boy doesn’t want to be pulled around in a Radio Flyer ATW on a beautiful day?  After breakfast, Jake and I began taking walks around our neighborhood, and sometimes it was chilly enough for us to wear jackets.  One evening while playing on the swingset, I commented to Wade that “the weather makes us better parents”.  It really does.

Nice weather = happy, more active family.

Green grass = happy Winston.

Cool breezes = excitement for autumn (and beyond).

Since I continue to be hopeful that the weather will stay bearable, I start to think about the upcoming months and all of the wonderful things that will be coming my way.  Obviously, the most pressing thing is this baby in my belly will be arriving into our lives in November.  But before that we’ll be celebrating Halloween with Goobie again this year, and we’re also hoping to get away for a few days for a “Babymoon”.  After Nellie arrives, it will be Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and then the New Year, and all of those holidays to me mean FAMILY.  I’m hesitantly hopeful that the weather will continue to lift my spirits and gently encourage me to keep putting one foot in front of the other -even when I would rather just lie in bed for a week – while bringing our family closer together.  There is just so much joy to be had in the next few months, and I’m so blessed that I have the love of my family (and the cooler weather) to experience it alongside me.



2 thoughts on “What the weather has done

  1. First I need to say that I love your honesty in these posts. I totally agree with you about a snowy day. Growing up in the snow belt of Upstate NY, right on a lake, I was used to several huge storms a year. I love the feeling of a “free” day where we all have to stay home from work or school and cuddle in. Baking, reading, sipping tea, cuddling. Noting better!
    Summer feels oppressive to me these days. I too felt stuck inside as it was just too hot to enjoy being outside. It’s just now getting to where I feel human again!
    Thanks for your insights…keep them coming!

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